About InterGender

What is InterGender?
InterGender offers a large scale research training programme meeting the needs of PhD students in different phases of their training. The main modules are offered every year on a rotating basis, thus coordinating the respective specialities of the different partner institutions, as well as the different needs of first-, mid- and last-phase PhD students.

Doctoral courses

Supervisor courses

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Ensuring quality
InterGender is organized so as to ensure the quality of the research performed by the students, as well as the continued development of the training programme they undergo. Most significantly, this is accomplished by making it standard that two supervisors to each PhD student will be assigned by the partner university, where the student is enrolled as PhD student. A continuous evaluation of progress and quality shall be undertaken by the supervisors following the rules and regulations of the partner university in question.

All PhD students following the School’s programme are assigned to smaller groups composed of 5-6 students in the same phase. If possible, students with projects resembling each other are assigned to the same group. In these groups, students regularly review, and critically relate to each others’ work, and in the process they learn to give and take critical and supportive feed back. Each of the groups is working with a tutor at post doc level, as well as with a senior researcher who functions as a mentor for the group members.