In an effort to make it easier for you, the user, to keep up with all the events, news and other information that is published on our website we give you different subscribe options.

What's RSS?

RSS, also called "feeds", is a way of subscribing to summarys of the content published here. To do this you can either use a program och different web services. Once you've downloaded a RSS reader och created a user account on a webbased service you can use any of the links on your right to subscribe.

Recommended software
For Mac: NetNewsWire

For PC: FeedDemon

Recommended web services

Google Reader

Whats iCal?
iCal is a standard for calendar data exchange. This means that you can download a .ics file from our site and embed it in your own calendar software such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or any other program that supports import via iCal.