Doctoral courses

General information about the courses:

Each year, two intensive three-day-courses are given in theories, methodologies and epistemologies in multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary Gender Studies. There are also two intensive three-day courses given in writing processes, one concentrating on project design and one focusing on article writing for scholarly and peer-reviewed journals. These courses are primarily aimed at PhD students in an early phase of their training. Each course comprises 7.5 ECTS and a maximum of 20 participants is accepted to enlist. In addition to the joint programme courses, the individual partners offer various courses and activities as part of their local programmes. In order to facilitate participation, local courses and events are advertised together with programme courses and events in the calendar.

Four intensive workshops are organized each year, with and around national and international scholars within the area of Gender Studies. These events are awarded with 7.5 ECTS, and they are aimed at PhD-students in all phases. A maximum of 10 participants is accepted to enlist. Priority is given to students whose research interests have connections to the theme of a particular workshop. For more information on accreditation go here.

Once a year, students in the final phase of their training, are offered to participate in a career development workshop.