Applications should be sent to: Intergender Consortium Director and Coordinator Edyta Just (edyta.just[at] unless specified otherwise.

Applications should be written in English and include:
* name, affiliation, full address, e-mail, phone, fax
* name and affiliation of PhD supervisor
* brief CV
* description of PhD project (1-2 pages)
* motivation: why do you want to participate in the course (1-2 pages)
* please, indicate if you are in the first/middle/last phase of your PhD research

Preparation and Essay


  • Course readings
  • Paper (2–5 pages describing research problem related to the participant's PhD thesis project) to be sent to the Local Intergender Course Coordinator and the Intergender Consortium Coordinator Edyta Just (edyta.just[at]
  • Remember to mark it with your name and the course name.
  • All participants are expected to read the paper of their fellow group members before the course and be prepared to offer constructive comments in the group sessions and workshops. The papers will be made available online.


  • 10-15 pages to be handed in no later than 3 months after the course. One copy should be sent to the teacher, who chaired the group in which the student presented her/his paper at the course and who is going to evaluate it, and one to the Intergender Consortium Coordinator Edyta Just (edyta.just[at] The teacher has 3 months to evaluate the essay.
  • The essay should strike a balance between addressing a theme that has been part of course (lectures, discussions, reading material), and be relevant for participant's own research.
  • The essay should, moreover, be considered as an exercise in doing a written presentation aimed at an academic readership not familiar with the author’s PhD research. The essay should constitute a whole and explain relevant contexts.


1. Participants have to be registered as PhD students.

2. PhD students from all disciplines and countries are eligible.

3. Participants will be selected on the basis of an evaluation of their CV, project description and a letter of motivation.

4. If there are more applicants who qualify for participation, than there are places, the places will be distributed along the following criteria:

a) Students registered as PhD students at Partner Units will be prioritized for a maximum 80% of places. When the places are distributed among the Partner Unites, a good spread between these units will also be ensured.
b) Students registered as PhD students in other units at the Partner Higher Education Establishments will be prioritized for 20 % of the places. When the places are distributed among the Partner Higher Education Establishments, a good spread between these establishments will also be ensured.  If places remain of the 80 % prioritized for PhD students registered at the Partner Units, these places will instead be prioritized for PhD students registered at the Partner Higher Education Establishments.
c) If the students according to a) and b) do not fill all the places, remaining places will be open for competition between all eligible and qualifying applicants from any higher education establishment.

5. If there are more eligible and qualified applicants for the a selection process will take place, which, in addition to academic quality and motivation/relevance, will use non-discriminatory selection criteria, which will ensure a spread of nationalities, regions, institutions and disciplines.

6. An additional lot drawing procedure will be used, if several eligible and in all respects equally qualified applicants are competing for the limited number of places in the different categories

7. In case of too many eligible and qualifying applicants, a waiting list will also be organized, and places will be offered to applicants on this list, should some of the selected participants have to cancel. 

8. The consortium coordinator selects participants under the auspice of the board, and is required to report to the board how selection is distributed between the consortium partners. If the board finds that the distribution is uneven, the consortium coordinator shall compensate for this in future selections.