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Decolonizing Transgender in the North. 4th Nordic Transgender Studies Symposium

The Centre for Gender Studies (CGF) at Karlstad University is pleased to announce the upcoming 4th Nordic Transgender Studies Symposium October 11 – 13, 2016.
The conference will be devoted to questions of decoloniality and its meaning for Trans Studies and trans politics. The conference will addresses a range of topics in relation to decolonisation among others, inner-nordic colonialisation of Sámi and Inuit, reflections on transgender terminologies, anglocentricity and cultural dissonances with the Scandinavian context. Furthermore intersections between transgender politics, ecology, race, nationalism and religion, mobility, border politics, migration and many more important discussions will feed into the debates and the presentations.
The 3-day conference brings together scholars working in the field of Transgender Studies. Transgender Studies presents an interdisciplinary field of inquiry into the experiential, intellectual and political knowledge production on gender-nonconforming embodiment and its intersectional materialities. The symposium is a continuation of three previous network meetings and conferences organized by Gender Studies/Media Studies, Turku University (2015); The Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University & Gender Studies, Södertörn University, Stockholm (2014) as well as Tema Genus, Linköping University (2009). The 4th Nordic Transgender Studies Symposium is hosted by the Centre for Gender Studies/Centrum för genusforskning at Karlstad University, Sweden.
The conference offers travel stipends for participants as well. Please apply before September 20st (see the website for more information).

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The conference is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, and co-funded by GEXcel International Collegium (