About IG

The Consortium is led by a board, consisting of 1 teacher representative, 1 doctoral student representative, and 1 replacement, from each Partner Unit. Each Partner Unit appoints their representatives, following local rules for such appointments. Teacher representatives are appointed for 3 years, while doctoral student representatives are appointed for 1 year at a time. The Consortium board convenes twice a year.

From its midst, the board elects to the Executive Committee a Chair, four Co-Chairs and a minimum of one representatives for the doctoral students. Together with the Director and the Consortium Coordinator, the Chair, Co-Chairs and the doctoral students’ representative(s) form an executive committee which normally convenes 2 - 4 times per term, normally via Skype/Internet.

The Director (professor or docent) is responsible vis-a-vis the Board that the Coordinating partner carries out its obligations and that the Board’s decisions are properly carried out. The Consortium Coordinator (post doc level) performs the tasks associated with the Coordinating Partner’s obligation.